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I have worked as an editor and writer of Science, technical, and medical communications. I have also worked as a content developer of medical and science website. I have done my Master's degree in chemistry. more...

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Apple is a leading multinational company that provides numerous computer and electronic goods and services. Some of the core products of Apple include Macintosh computer line, iPad tablet computer, iPod portable media players, and iPhone smartphone. Apart from this, Apple also creates computer software and is a leading distributor of digital media content. Apple is the only multinational company that provides a one-stop solution to all computer and electronic hardware, software, and technical r...
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Linkedin is a professional networking site connecting 225 million professionals located in 200 countries. Professionals of different companies and business can connect, collaborate and network through Linkedin. This is the world's professional networking site which hleps you stay in touch with your colleagues, classmates, and professionals of the same field. When you join Linkedin, you get access to jobs, news and updates in your industry. Linkedin provides 23 products and services Linkedin Co...
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Elsevier is the world’s leading publisher of science and medicine. Elsevier has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company comprises of more than 7000 journal editors, 600,000 authors, and 300,000 reviewers.  Elsevier is a leading name in providing authoritative content given that they have developed and fostered the peer-review process for a period of 130 years. Elsevier is the trusted name in the field of science, technical, and medical (STM) publications. The company ...
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HFL solutions is the company that built the brand They make 100% natural, herbal formulations that help in cleansing cholesterol filled arteries and veins. Their products are aimed at improving the condition of heart  by bringing down the elevated cholesterol levels to normal ranges. Their products are prepared as per FDA specifications of good manufacturing practices, unlike most alternative medicines that are manufactured out of China without meeting essential q...
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Dell Financial Services Canada is your one-stop online store to purchase off lease computers and accessories from Dell Computers in Canada. This company provides refurbished computers and accessories that have undergone rigorous quality testing procedures at Dell Computers. The online megastore of Dell Financial Services Canada provides following kinds of refurbished off lease Dell gadgets: Desktops Laptops WorkStation Monitor Peripherals
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Infosys is a leading name in the world of software technology, outsourcing, management consulting, cloud computing, financial software, and business technology. Infosys has about 67 offices in prominent cities of different countries, including India, USA, China, UK, Australia, and Canada. Get to know more about the company’s technology services and products through its website. You will be pleased to see the vast plethora of industries to which Infosys caters with its software services and...
Published by Lavinia Tauro 55 months ago in Freelance Writing & Articles | +0 votes | 0 comments
Springer USA is a leading name in the world of scientific research publications. Springer has offices in different countries of Europe and Asia, including far east Asia. Springer USA publishes scientific research manuscripts of authors belonging to different scientific disciplines, such as biomedical sciences, physics, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, medical sciences, etc. Springer has been in the business of publishing for the past 170 years. This leading publish...
Published by Lavinia Tauro 55 months ago in Kitchens, Cabinets & Countertops | +1 votes | 0 comments
Avon Canada is a brand that has successfully crafted its credibility in the world of cosmetics. The success of this company lies in its direct marketing strategy, wherein thousands of sales representatives have build the brand of Avon through independent collaborations and marketing. Avon is not just a brand restricted to Canada, it has fundamentally captured the competitive market of beauty and cosmetics across continents. With its impressive turnover of about 11 billion USD each year, this glo...
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Olivia Mae Beauty is a leading skincare brand that provides anti-aging products, face cleansers and moisturizers of premium quality. Their anti-aging products defy wrinkles and signs of aging. Now, you can get a youthful, radiant skin and forget about wrinkles and freckles on your face. So, you can forget about expensive Botox injections and get a fresh, soft, vibrant skin within 28 days of regular use. They have a marvelous range of anti-aging products that rejuvenate the texture of skin with m...
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